Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is a sad day. We lost Chunk on October 28, 2009. He was 60 years old. I'll have some more pictures to post after we get unpacked in Yuma. Right now, I just can't say any more, Chunk was a very close friend. If anyone wants to send me some personal thoughts about Chunk, please send them and I'll get them posted here. will be my address starting next week. Click on any picture to make it larger.

Chunk at Boscobel (Snubs photo)

Chunk..(Guns photo)

Bucky, Jim Ayers, Malachi, Yvette, Trever and Chunk.. (photo from Malachi)

Chunk and KT. Kentucky 2009. (photo by Malachi)
Chunk at the Kentucky Rally 2009. (photo by Malachi)

Chunk with Dave and Romy. Chunk is explaining some desert plants.
(photo by DD)

Old US Route 66, on he hill between Kingman and Oatman.
(photo by DD)

Chunk, Interlocken, 2009. (photo from Mark Hick (cheap B)

Mark Hicks and Chunk. KSL 2008. (photo by Cheap B)

My good friends. (Kudzu photo)

Interlocken, 2009. Chunk is helping KT with some tips about photo composition.
(photo from Kudzu)

Chunk finding a good picture (photo by Jim Ayers)

There it goes! Chunk sees something. (photo by Jim Ayers)

Chunk..The Man. (photo by Jim Ayers)

This is a picture of Chunk taking a picture of the activities and area on the KSL. This was the picture he raffled off during the memorial for Fred. (photo from Jim Ayers)

Chunk and Phil (photo from Cargo..too small to click on)

Chunk and Skid (photo by Cargo)

2009 at Interlocken. Marlene, Sandy and Chunk. He paid Slammer back a piece of Rhubarb pie today! (Slammer photo)

Chunk at Fred's memorial. (Slammer photo)

Always the helper, Chunk preparing food at the Fred memorial.

Chunk's Cheese spread. Taken at Boscobel, 2005 (Slammer photo)

Red and Chunk..Boscobel 2005 (Slammer photo)

Here's the last pic I took of Chunk. I remember him at KSL, helping me learn to compose my pictures more artistically. A real renaissance man - photography, painting, jewelry.... God Speed my friend..... (from Stewey) I think this was at Interlocken 2009

Chunk in Boscobel. (photo by Shelby)

Robert "Chunk" Kiesling. 2003, around the campfire in Eureka Springs. (Ol' Blue Eyes!)

2008 in Holbrook, AZ., at Jack's Body Shop. Chunk volunteered to haul this trailer that I was delivering to ES for Wildrose and Ron. There was bad weather ahead, he thought I wouldn't be safe pulling it.

Chunk is pointing out some good routes to our Kiwi friend Don Markel.

The Foree back yard, Jack is cooking up some steaks, Chunk and Don are planning.

Wikiup, AZ. Chunk and I each had a sandwich. We're about to share that blackberry cobbler. It was the last piece, so we shared.

Chunk and Biglefti in the "putting green" at Sun City West. (Lanny's Arizona room)

A photo op stop, this may be where Chunk picked up the metal that flattened his rear tire.

Chunk pulls over with a flat tire.

Being a gold miner and photographer, Chunk leaped down under the bridge to look for flowers and gold.

Pat and her mother came to rescue us with my trailer. Chunk and Pauline hit it off real well. She was only 98 then.

Chunk, Slick, Pat and Tony D. visiting under a tree in Tucson.

A VROC family picture, in honor of KT who was visiting her sister in Tucson.

Reedemed, Chunk, Tony, KT and Pat.

Pat, Chunk, and Katie. This is one of my favorite pictures of Chunk.

Chunk and Barb Foree. This is in the Golden Coral at Lake Havasu City, AZ. Barbara is contemplating her hand (teachers do things like that)

Pat, Kelly Sprankle, Barb, Jack and Chunk. A steak house in Lake Havasu. We were there for the VROC Blast, a fireworks display in February.

Monday, October 12, 2009

KT and Snake (from Brillo)

Chuck Bert. I sure miss that hat. (from Brillo)

GK and Fly. Photo from CC Rider

GK, Sandy, and Chunk. Photo from CC Rider

Phil. Photo from CC Rider

Wolfman. (Sent in by Blondy)

Wolfman. Rest In Peace, VROC #3 (Photo sent by Toa)

Rick and Patsy. Eureka Springs, 2002 (Sherm's photo)

Snake and KT at the Kick Stand Lodge. (Stonewall photo)

Vaughn, EZ, KT, Snake, and Chunk. At Pat Shea's home, 2006 (photo by Vaughn Devereaux)

Snake, Double Trouble (Zmean1 & Kelly) and Chuck Bert. (Susan's photo)

Snake, KT, Mad Mike, Ricky Running Late, and Fred. (Susan's photo)

Snake, KT, Sandy, and Rachael. (Susan's photo)

Fly, paying respects at Snake's funeral

Fart and Brillo...and Snake. Boscobel 2005 (photo by Stewey)

Snake at SEVROC (Blondy's picture)

Wompus, KT, Blondy and Snake. Maggie Valley (Stonewall's Photo)

Snake & KT with Skid and Sandy at Eureka Springs (Blondy's picture)

Snake, Chunk & KT (Blondy's picture)

EZ and Snake. SEVROC 2006 (Blondy photo)

Snake (photo from Cargo)

Snake after a wet ride! (Stonewall photo, I think)

Snake at the ES Banquet 05. Chunk is getting the left overs (Blondy photo)

Snake and Annie 2005 (Blondy picture)

Lynn and Phil had only been married a very short time when they came to Maggie Valley in 2006. They arrived late, the day of the Pizza feed. I sat with them, and picked up the tab for a wedding present. I don't think he ever knew who did it, but it's OK to confess now. I had been acquainted with Phil as a customer, then a friend, for 12 years.

Skid and Phil. KSL, 2005 (Guns photo)

Phil. (photo from Cargo)

Phil and Lynn. (Photo by Stewey)

Phil at the Iron Horse. (photo from Cargo)

Phil (Gunslinger) Photo from Toa

Phil enjoying some morning sun at Kick Stand Lodge. (Photo by Jax)

Phil (gunslinger), He drove his truck to Durango, V2K, in 2000. (Photo sent by Toa)

Late night shot of Phil and Brillo, with Deb in the background. I don't remember the year, but Brillo look younger.

Chuck Bert, Phil Thompson, Lucky Al, and Tim Acree, at the Iron Horse Stables (photo by Stewey)

Phil (Gunslinger) and Babe. Lake Lure, 2003 (Blondy photo)

Phil (Gunslinger) Thompson.. Rest in Peace

Kilo (Mark Irwin) in the center, leather jacket. I remember Kilo from when he lived in Missouri, met Babe, and fell in love. They had a great relationship..

Kilo with his family in Maggie Valley, 2006

Kilo was always a good greater at any rally. A friendly, outgoing man, that made people feel good.

Kilo's back..dinner at Maggie Valley.

Stonewall with Babe and Kilo. Maggie Valley, 2006

Judge and Kilo SEVROC 2008 (Blondy picture)

Kilo and Toa (photo sent by Toa)

Kilo, SEVROC 2008 (Blondy photo)

Babe and Kilo, SEVROC 2008 (Blondy photo, Same photo sent by Wayne Osborne)

Kilo, Maggie Valley. (Blondy photo)

Phin and Kilo in Maggie Valley. (Blondy photo)

Babe and Kilo talking to another vroc person at Maggie Valley 2008. (Blondy photo)

Kilo, Durango, vroc 2000. (Photo sent by Toa)

Snake (Tim Acree) and KT. This was also at Maggie Valley 2006

If you click on the picture, you'll see Chuck Bert and Snake talking with someone on the right of the group.

Snake and KT at the Kick Stand Lodge

I rode with Snake and KT from the KSL back to Maggie Valley. We stopped to take this picture.

Snake is telling Cargo "how it is"

The Judge is holding court. Snake is all ears.

Snake was a person that was liked by everyone. A very good machinist, mechanic, and the type of person could repair anything. A terrific mind that, like the rest, ended way too soon.

Fred Kunkle, vroc'er and friend. He had a soft heart for animals, even ducks.

Fred and Mo greet some guests at the Kick Stand Lodge. I think these are people from Canada :-)

Fred turned into an excellent cook, sort of out of necessity!

Fred enjoying the morning sun on his porch. (Stonewall photo)

Fred and Mo. I first met them when we shared a camp site at the Iron Horse Stables in 2002. They were on a extended trip, and had just been to the VROC rally in Alaska. Good folk, both of them.

Fred in Fairbanks, VROC 2002 (Photo by David)

Fred in his 'office'

Fred brewing up some 'Timmies'. A gift from Stonewall. Fred told me he don't like this Canadian Crap, but he didn't want to hurt Gord's feelings, so he's using it. (Stonewall Photo)
I'm joking Gord!!!!

Fred and Mo usually had plenty of help with the cooking. (Stonewall photo)

The porch at the KSL. Fred and Mo were a happy couple

The ribs are lookin' good.

Fred and Mo usually stayed up with the guest to party around the Campfire.

Good Memories

Fred keeping the kitty dry.

Chuck Bert, SEVROC 2008 (Blondy photo)

Chuck Bert at Grand Lake, CO. (Malachi Photo)

Chuck Bert. The Hat in Grand Lake, CO. (Malachi Photo)

Chuck at Lake Lure (Blondy photo)

WW2 in Coos Bay, 2008. That's Chuck Bert on the right with the big hat, his trademark.

Chuck visits with Marleen and Scotty.

Didsbury Dave, only married about an hour here, visits with Chuck.

A Gentle-man.

Chuck with Lucky Al, greeting dinner in Maggie Valley.

Chuck looks different without the Texas Hat!

Chuck Bert, with Mr. Peabody and Maccs, during the Oregon Rally.

Chuck had a varied background. Pilot, Real Estate, and now working as in EMT. He has owned more than one business in his lifetime, and was very interesting to visit with.

Chuck's vest..back at Maggie Valley here.

It's hard not to post these. Although similar, his face is different in every one.

Shelby and Chuck. A new Texan, and an older one.

If Chuch saw Kelly trying to ride that little scooter behind him, he'd be laughing even harder.

Chuck and Chunk. (photo by Stewey)

Chuck in our Coos Bay Kitchen, 2006. He came by bike, plane, and rented car all the way to Oregon to visit while I was laid up from the crash. He brought a big Texas BBQed Briskit with him!

Chuck brought me this small T-Shirt. It was the Boscobel shirt for the 06 Rally. It was full of signatures, Front and back.

Relaxing after dinner.

Chuck was also a trained horticulturist. He gave Pat some good advise on her back yard flowers.

The send off breakfast when Chuck left Oregon on July 20, 2008. He was probably still digesting this food when he had the accident on the way home.

Pat and I share breakfast with Chuck.

Sunset Bay, near my home. Rest in Peace, good friend.

Cyborg, on left, at Lake Lure, 2003 (Blondy photo)

Cyborg and Toa. Eureka Springs, 2001 (Toa Photo)

Kegs. (Blondy photo)

EZ and Kegs at a SEVROC (I think this was a Vaughn photo)

Cutter. (sent in by Blondy)

Foggy sent me this picture a long time ago. I think it was taken during Eureka Springs, 2002.

GK (Greg) Taken during the Colorado Rally in, ? 2004 or 2005 I think

Spencer. Rest in Peace. This was taken in 2001. (Photo from Bandit)